# StepWiser Windows 10

Windows 10 for really new Newbies

By Peter Hulm

Starting Out

You might find this all too elementary so I am offering a table of links that might be more useful if you have some experience with Windows.


Chances are you have a Windows icon, commonly called WIN, on the bottom row of your keyboard to the left of the spacebar. This calls up the Start Menu.

Options key

The key with the icon to the right of the spacebar gives you a list of the most common actions wherever you are in the program you are using.

In Dreamweaver, the web-design program I am using, it looks like this:

options key

The Alt key

I'd also recommend getting to know the following:

Master Explorer Favorites

Taskbar Menu vanishes

Seven ways to make Windows 10 work better

Good piece for showing you neglected shortcuts: The Guardian. 13 June 2019. It covers:

Unfortunately the writer does not explain how to achieve many of these tools, unless you are there already. The key is the Task View icon in the Taskbar (a window sandwiched vertically between two partial ones).

Try Windows Ctrl D for desktop for a new one. Switch between them with Windows Ctrl > or <. Instructions from Cnet.

Cloud clipboard (Windows V). Try these guides: techrepublic and windowscentral. You need to get to Settings System Clipboard (start with Windows X). I couldn't find it. My keyboard shortcuts guide.

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