# StepWiser Windows 10

Windows 10 for really new Newbies

By Peter Hulm

File Explorer Reloaded

Microsoft's File Explorer for Windows has always been so underpowered I switched to other programs years ago.

My current, and longtime, favourite is Free Commander XE: a double pane manager with synchronization, file viewing and file comparison built-in (if you install WinMerge as an add-on for the latter).

So it was a surprise to discover how much more File Explorer can do under Windows 10. Those enigmatic icons hide some new power.

file explorer icons
Full size version

The left arrow points to the Properties window pop-up. The right arrow shows how you can select files more easily.

This is the new item drop-down, enabling you to quickly produce a new file of a particular type or folder.

new item dropdown

You might find yourself using the Quick Access info a lot, since it enables you to reload your most recent files and folders. The File Explorer enables you to pin a file to this handy list (see the top left).

The File Menu also offers handy new facilities, including opening a second window:

file menu options

Does that make it a fully powered file management system. No way. But don't write it off completely. I find it easier to use and go to it often when I don't need the power of Free Commander.