# StepWiser Windows 10

Windows 10 for really new Newbies

By Peter Hulm

Putting my teeth on Edge

Sorry about the pun. Edge seems all right, but Microsoft's web browser no longer shows me Roboform entries for password-protected sites.

I'm reluctant to do it, but it looks as if I am going to have to set another browser as the default to stop my email links from coming up in Edge.

Roboform has a workaround, since Edge does not let you use extensions, but that involves calling a site up in Edge then choosing Open in Internet Explorer to get the Roboform app working.

So I have switched to Firefox and Opera. Sorry Microsoft.

Since then I have learned that the Roboform app now works with Edge. Since how long? No idea, since I would not use Edge because of Microsoft's insistence on treating me as a German-language native since I live in the OberWallis part of Switzerland.

Users say they find it primitive compared to Roboform's performance on other browsers. But Edge gets high ratings on speed tests. So it might be worth trying.

It also has lots of apps to rival Google's add-ins, though not many sound more than basic: translate (ho ho!), note, open Microsoft Office online, etc. Maybe that's all you need.


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