# StepWiser Windows 10

Windows 10 for really new Newbies

By Peter Hulm

Tiles do not make a sounder roof

So you want to make better use of Windows 10's merger of the Start menu and Windows 8 Tiles.

Tiles may be a good idea in giving you information without opening the app. But why are there such a lame collection of items in the apps: photos for news, stock exchange generalities for finance, etc?

About the only one I consult is the Weather, and that is pretty useless info (similar to junk TV) since it tells me what I already know (sunny, cloudy) adding a temperature I don't need to consider. I'd rather have the forecast for the next 24 hours.

Another case of the machine overriding the human need.

But if you want to use the tile any way, try making the tiles with info extra large (use the right mouse button) to get more info delivered to your pocket screen.

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