Visual Studio Code tips 2: keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl is for Windows, Cmd for Macs, though my main interest is PCs. So for Ctrl read Cmd on Macs. -, in contrast to standard pages (+), indicates two keys together. I use + for two separate actions.

Zoom in/out

If you don't have a Numberpad, go to View|Appearance then choose Zoom In, Zoom Out or Reset Zoom.

Call up file already on Tab line

Alt-number (i.e. 1,2,3, etc.). Ctrl-Tab (see below) may be easier.

Quick-Open files

Ctrl-P: produces a dropdown list of files (repeat to move down through list)

Tab through open files

Ctrl-Tab produces a dropdown list and repeat goes down the list. Ctrl-Shift-Tab goes in opposite direction.

Reopen closed files

Ctrl-Shift-T. Repeats.

Toggle side panel


Always show File Menu


Command Palette

enables you to run a command from the top panel: Ctrl-Shift-P.

Go to settings


Microsoft Standard controls

Close file


Find in file

Ctrl-F opens up top panel.