Setting up your new iPad and transferring settings from the old one

You've bought a new iPad and now want to set it up so that it transfers all your previous settings. This is how I suggest you do it.

When you turn it on you are asked three questions after Hallo (from iMc1ore):

Transferring your programs and data to the new iPad

From iMore. You'll need to have backed up your info to iCloud but that is likely to have happened automatically. Set it up with your email and password if you haven't done it already on your old iPad (see the instructions at the iMore link. Because your iPad is an older version you won't be able to use automatic setup. Then...

ipad pro pic
Not your iPad but don't worry.

Your iPad will restore from your iCloud backup. This could take some time. Now you should be good to go.

* Siri etc.

  1. You can set up Apple Pay, Apple's Touch ID-based payment option, if you use it and it's available in your area.
  2. You can set up iCloud Keychain, if you want to store and sync your passwords across all your devices
  3. You can even set up Siri, Apple's voice-activated assistant. If you need extra help, this shows you how to set up 'Hey Siri'

  4. Set up "Hey Siri,", if you want to automatically trigger Siri with a catchphrase.

  5. Tap to send Diagnostic information to Apple when apps crash or other issues arise. If you'd rather not, just tap Don't Send.
  6. Turn on Display Zoom, if you need the extra visual accessibility of a larger interface.