Twenty Errors

After we watched the movie we went over to the pizza joint for a bite to eat.

John Smith reported the problem to Bob Adams, and he corrected it immediately.

John Smith reported the problem to Bob Adams and Adams corrected it immediately.

Building a new fiber optic network will take less dollars then originally suspected.

Contemporary animal rights groups who are using the same strategies that the civil rights movement developed in the 1960s find that non-violent civil disobedience is effectively drawing attention to their cause.

Teacher representatives in the United States' could have wrote the book themselves.

The man to whom you were speaking to was the curator on the exposition.

In 1980, Reagan promised to balance the federal budget, however, by 1988, the federal deficit was the largest in U. S. history - until now.

The Presidents speech was punctuated by enthusiastic applause from both sides of the aisle.

John was edgy all day. He challenged anything that anyone said to him. Once at a meeting, John looked right at me and he says, "What do you mean by that?"

Students should register for classes early if you want to ensure that you get a good schedule.

Publishers today are at a loss trying to cope with the new trends in information technology. Which is not surprising actually.

The market has responding favorably to the surprisingly strong earnings that the high-tech sector reports yesterday.

The President as well as his advisors were meeting all weekend at Camp David. Neither the President nor his advisors is commenting on the status of the negotiations.

Forget what Wheaties tells you; the real breakfast of champions is pizza, beer and eggs.

Everyone should register early to make sure that they get the classes they want.

Several of the guys on the team were here at the time, but the guy, who is talking to the police, is the only witness to the accident.

Courses in entrepreneurial businesses are increasingly popular however few faculty members are qualified to teach them.

While smoking a cigarette, the coffee in his cup had grown cold. He says often he smokes cigarettes.

Its commonly assumed that any bear will defend it's offspring by attacking any human that wanders too near a cub.