Every sentence has an error

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I have now discussed the proposal for restocking all 500 freezers
with my colleagues.

He was definately on the wrong side of the law.

Today pneumatic tyres are fitted to practically all
vehicles, originally they were developed for use on bicycles.

When the heyday of science-fiction and horror films is over.

The development of breeder reactors completely change the economics of ore extraction and boost the known reserves of nuclear energy very considerably.

Neither knowledge nor skill are needed.

The project, having been approved, the firm began to recruit the necessary staff.

There were less visitors than usual.

The seminar ended by an open discussion.

The decision to computerize the accounting system has badly effected our relations with our customers.

The driver of a car, which does not comply with these regulations, is liable to a fine or imprisonment.

Many birds are protected by law nowadays, i.e. the osprey, the
golden eagle, the buzzard and the bittern.

Manufacturors of toys have a responsibility to make them safe.

The remuneration received by the subordinate officials of this organization exceeds by a very considerable proportion what is generally placed on offer by other comparable firms.

The drug has proved successful in a percentage of cases.

Organizational structure must provide for the coordination of functions and activities in order that interdependent members of the organization and subunits interact in harmony with each other and with other sectors and activities of society in the achievement of the organization's goals and objectives and the delivery of the services it provides.

The vehicle has it's own reserve power supply.

His condition can only be alleviated by drugs.

After adding carefully a few drops of anti-foam oil, the bubbles disappear.

Their five-year mission was to boldly go where no one had gone before.

We immediately contacted anyone whom we suspected had received a faulty vehicle.

It is necessary to forecast the number, duration and geographical
distribution of telephone calls, usually referred to as the telephone
traffic in six or seven years' time.

In this day and age, while industry is grinding to a halt, one can feel
the wind of change heralding the arrival of a new climate of opinion.

I have outlined below the reasons that have led to them being given appointments in these departments.

The new parameters for the jobs of the employees were fully described to them by the director.

Data that is more than five years old is of limited use.

The houses erected should be broken down into types.

The corporation has not asked for any advice and I do not doubt its ability to deal with the immediate situation themselves.

He has been more successful than me.

I practiced at the terminal for several hours each week.

How will a driver -- of a furniture van -- on a motorway -- perform in a strong -- gusting side-wind?

The minister agreed in principle to a new urban public transport system development plan.

There were yellow lines down all the streets and the car parks were
full, so I couldn't find nowhere to park the car.

The cause of the delay in laying the foundations was due to exceptionally heavy rain flooding the area.

One short inspection was not enough to assertain the extent of the damage.

It was certainly him, and not the owner of the car, who now came running along the drive.

When the scheme is finished, all local roads will connect up with the main relief road.

Dr Robert Marshall and Dr Maria Marshall recently announced
their new treatment; our picture shows Dr Robert Marshall and his
wife, Maria, arriving at the press conference.