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Quick Guide to Dreamweaver CC 2017+

By Peter Hulm


You can go through the material either by using the bottom-of-the-page link taking you consecutively through the pages, or use this contents list to take you to topics of immediate interest. This is the place I expect you to come back to to refresh your memory or look at particular issues.

1. Starting out again

My collection of quick tips to get you going

2. Dreamweaver shortcuts and snafus

A collection of shortcuts and easy configurations for working with pages: e.g. F4, F10, Shift-Ctrl F11.
Snafus: Dreamweaver defaults I don't like.

3. Creating pages

Simple pages using Dreamweaver's new aids
Dreamweaver's templates

You might find this too detailed unless you are working on a particular resumé for yourself or someone else.

Responsive design

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