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Quick Guide to Dreamweaver CC 2017+

By Peter Hulm

Creating a web page

You might as well take advantage of the Starter Templates Dreamweaver offers you:

small pic of templates
See larger, full-resolution version

We'll use the templates for the blog, emailed newsletter and Bootstrap framework's resumé. That's the wrong way round, so I'll start with Bootstrap but just use the least disruptive form. You can find more about Bootstrap in another guide.

If you want to follow a path from simple to more complicated, start with the blog, then go on to the email, and finally use the Bootstrap resumé. But my order is the one in which I think you are mostly likely to want use the templates if you are just starting out.

Bootstrap annoyances

Bootstrap depends heavily on divs and classes for its formatting. This is a pain when you are trying to work out what's what on an HTML page. The advantage is that you can use the structural tags offered by HTML to add non-default coding to your page and Bootstrap tags stay out of your way.

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