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Quick Guide to Dreamweaver CC 2017+

By Peter Hulm

Building a page CC style

The latest version of Dreamweaver has a straightforward way for you to add elements to the page using a dropdown list.

I've taken a shot of the Dreamweaver screen set up to use this facility:


The left arrow points to the dropdown Insert panel.

The right arrow indicates the options available when you insert something (in this case an image).

Here you can put the insert before, after, or nested. Wrapping the existing element is greyed-out as an option).

If you don't see this panel, press Ctrl-F2, then position it where you want, e.g. with the other panels by mousing the title bar till it docks with the others when you release the mouse button on seeing a blue bar in the tab row of panel titles.

Do you need it?

Maybe not. CC2017 has a Bootstrap facility to make it easy to use this framework and its sample coding has several examples you can adopt. There's even a super css that doesn't use any of the fancy (and confusing) footwork of Bootstrap called awsm.css created by Igor Adamenko. "I have to create simple pages in my daily work. Sometimes it's compiled Markdown and sometimes it's pure HTML . I'd like to make them more beautiful without additional classes, ids, etc. So I did it," he reports.

This is what this page looks like with awsm.css. And even if you need something more complicated, some designers believe css grids are better than Bootstrap.

If you want to, use Dreamweaver's own starter templates. Or just for the exercise, use Dreamweaver's built-in aids for simple formatting.

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