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Quick Guide to Dreamweaver CC 2017+

By Peter Hulm

Goodbye Design View, Hello Live View?

Live View has been around for at least five years, I know, But, for veterans like me, it is new. Since Dreamweaver never seemed to make its page views WYSYWYG (what you see is what you [want to] get), I never used it much.

Now I may have no choice. There's talk that Adobe will phase out Design View in favour of Live View.

Which for me means, you are supposed to edit your pages in Code View and view the results in Live View. Too bad if you like to type into the pages in a representation of your web page as I did with this.

If you want to know specifically what I don't like about Live View, compare this screenshot of Design View (in DW2016):

design view screenshot

with this screenshot of live view (also from DW2016):

design view screenshot

Click here for a full-screen view. Here's the 2017 version.

The left arrow points to the indication of the difference.

Don't expect too much help from the Website as of February 2017. The help page hasn't been updated.

I've given you my recommendation before: use F10 and right-click your mouse on the globe tag.

Theoretically, Ctrl-Shift-F11 will switch between Design and Live View. On my machine it's Ctrl-Fn-Shift-F11. So check it first.

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