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Dreamweaver CSS 2017: DW 102

By Peter Hulm

Full screenshot of DW 2017 editing screen

Note that the View icons have disappeared into the View menu, though upper right gives you a text indicator and selection tool. Blue indicates the view you are using. The labels are much faster than selecting through the View menu. Ctrl-Shift-F11 toggles the View between Live and Design, in both full and split view.

Full screenshot of editing screen

You may appreciate (blue arrows) the icon to call up the Browser preview by clicking the globe in the Code Inspector, as well as the ability to specify how coding appears (page dropdown menu).

Note, however, that the globe at bottom right is for reviewing file activity. Not sure what use that is. The clockwise arrow, however, saves you having to press F5 for refresh. The screen+mobile hooks you up to Adobe's online preview facility.

Full screen view

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