# StepWiser

Quick Guide to Dreamweaver CC 2017+

By Peter Hulm


2. Dreamweaver shortcuts

My favourite: LINTING, mistakes flagged immediately
The F4 toggle
The F10 code inspector
Live View: Ctrl-Shift F11 Toggle
Workspaces and The Left Panel
Select your browsers quickly
Change screen sizes to standard views
Select an online simulator for views
Managing the Properties Bar and Snippets
Ctrl your headlines
Edit in Live View
Other ways to handle your headings
Controlling your columns
Building your page

Working with text (Cmd for Macs)

Select a line: Ctrl-L
Duplicate a line: Ctrl-D
Delete Newline: Ctrl-Shift-D
Comment/Uncomment a line: Ctrl-/
Work with multiple cursors: Alt/Opt-Shift/-UpArrow and Ctrl-Click
Column selection: Alt/Opt-Drag
Get help on CSS properties: Ctrl-K

Bits and pieces

Real-time preview: not ready for prime time
Find and replace: Ctrl-F or Ctrl-Shift-F?
Wrap tag (right mouse)

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