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Investment Diary

For 15 January 2021

Taking profits

It seemed clear from the performance of the minor coins in my collection, the top 30 as collected by HodlBot with a number of exceptions for unreliable performers, that setting profit-taking at 2.49% might be too high. I therefore changed after 2pm, when the U.S. markets started up, to set the profit-taking at 2%, therefore selling when it dropped back to 1.5%.

Not counting on automation

Earlier I checked why cryptohopper was holding onto coins I had set to sell before they lost 1% in value. I discovered that the basic configuration setting were not carrying over to the instructions on the dashboard coin info section. I therefore rebalanced the coins in hodlbot and went through them one-by-one on the dashboard to set the profit-taking and stop-loss indicators to the 2% I mentioned above, and will be watching the results.