Cryptos 101

My 7-day course on how to lose money on crypto

Day 7: Where do we go from here?!

I've learned that all the recommended strategies — HODLing, buying useful coins, day-trading, following indicators and working with a bot — could easily lose you money. But I found nothing to indicate certainly when the market was about to turn up and unexpectedly make you money.

Perhaps you should only be in the crypto market for other reasons. You could hope to come out even with tokens you support for their social value: offering credit to people, providing identity security for people who would otherwise have difficulty getting valid documents, tracking car repairs, providing a reliable record of your scholastic achievements or work history.

I’ve put money into projects like these. But I won’t list them here because I am not sure any of them will succeed. I put the money in as I would give it to charity without an expectation of a sure return. The bubble might burst, as so many economists, government officials and bankers warn, but I won’t care too much. I’m not investing in bubbles but technology and its social promise.

I guess it’s a question of WATCH THIS SPACE to distinguish between those 1500+ tokens you can find in the crypto world.


You have now finished my crypto investing course. Congratulatons. Just don't take it as financial advice,

Day 1: Get some tinkerbell tokens and HODL
Day 2: Pick something that will be useful
Day 3: Now Trade!
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Day 5: What my robot taught me
Day 6: Look Ma, no robot!