Cryptos 101

My 7-day course on how to lose money on crypto

Day 1: Buy some Tinkerbell tokens and HODL

Day 2: Buy something useful

Day 3: Now trade!

Day 4: Technical analysis: chart your way down

Day 5: What my robot taught me

Day 6: Look Ma, no robot!

Day 7: Where from here?

Cryptoslate has estimated how much your investments would worth on 11 July 2019 if you invested on 7 January 2018 at market peak. Bitcoin has done best. You'd only have lost 30%. Three of my favourites, Cardano, Stellar and IOTA, would have lost you 91%, 87% and 91% respectively.

losses graph
What you would have lost by buying $1000 of the top ten cryptos on 7 January 2018 according to cryptoslate.

I'm still monitoring cryptonews at my nusefile site.