Web Pages 101

This guide is for newbies to web page creation. Each section should take 5-10 minutes to complete.


I'm a great fan of w3schools. It's very well thought out and gives you the chance to experiment onsite without doing a lot of typing or losing your place in a lesson. I've learned a lot from it and still visit often to refresh my failing memory of all aspects of web page creation.


If you prefer videos to text, head over to Udemy. This site often has free basic courses as well as the more expensive ones. There are regular $10 bargains as well.

Web site guides

You can also find guides by Googling web page design. In August 2017 the results included:

Free editing programs

You can also find free programs on the web to take the drudgery out of creating pages (don't worry, you won't need these till I tell you):

All you need is a plain text editor

But if you find these too intimidating, this guide is for you. You won't need anything more than the simple text editor built into your computer, tablet or smart phone.

What's in store

So what can you expect from this guide?

The ultimate aim is to enable you to set up a free WordPress site and understand enough of how pages are put together to feel comfortable working with WordPress rules. At any time you can get to the Contents Page.