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Python 201: Scraping the Web

By Peter Hulm

What this guide does

What it says on the label.

This guide will not teach you how to use Python to make calculations, add strings and integers together, how to create variables or how to use functions, useful as these are to programmers.

Nor will it teach you how to create 3-D graphs, design websites or develop your own games. I know all this can be done with python.

For the basics of Python, there are already lots of good web guides and YouTube videos. I've put together a page of links for you.

For the advanced stuff, Amazon has lots of Kindle books plus tons of dead-tree guides.

This guide is for those who have done Python 101 but are not yet ready for Python 301. It will only deal with files and information you might want to grab from the Web. So I've called it Python 201 (I'll be working with Python 3.5 mostly).

If you need to recap your knowledge, I strongly recommend Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, a free read on the Web, and pythontutor.com to test out your code.

Yes, scraping the Web

What I will be doing is show you how to get information from websites and work with it, without opening up your Browser.

This information could be text, financial data, or simply info you might use in your daily life. Pythoneers call it Scraping the Web.

Here's a guide to the contents.

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