Using Bootstrap to spruce up your pages

Bootstrap is a framework for styling your pages. Created by two Twitter programmers, Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, it aims to make it easier for web page designers without HTML coding skills to build sophisticated and responsive web pages. It comes with a complete package of HTML (HyperText Markup Language for organizing the content of your web pages), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets for styling how your webpages will appear) and JavaScript (for dynamic formatting and behaviour of your web pages).

This open-source front-end framework is believed to control about one-eighth of all web sites. Its main attraction is its responsive system, styling pages appropriately no matter what size your viewer, whether a cellphone, tablet or full-size computer. It also offers out-of-the box styling for tables, forms, buttons, images, navigation, icons and typographic elements. It's free and does not require any sign-on or user information to download from getbootstrap.

You can find examples of the most inventive uses of Bootstrap here at the Expo section of the getbootstrap site.

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The site has several templates for free to change even the basic look of your site with one download. All it does is change the stylesheet for bootstrap.

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